Take Pause and Have Fun this Memorial Weekend

As I’ve been rehearsing some new songs and thinking about what I would like to play at my gigs this Memorial Weekend – what came to mind in response to the commercials/media-buzz with HAPPY Memorial Day – and grilling and partying… is the question: isn’t this supposed to be a solemn weekend of remembrance? I’m all for having some fun this weekend – seeing family –friends etc.– but I think it’s healthy to keep in mind this is also a weekend to pause and think about people that gave their life for what they believed was a benefit for the greater good. My sister Grace died on May 30th – 1975 at age 24 – while serving in the Peace Corps – in Liberia (West Africa). She died for what she believed was serving a greater good.

Anyways… I don’t want to be a buzz kill – just something I thought might be of value. I’ll be playing lots of songs this weekend that lean into not only the Memorial Weekend theme – but also look ahead with ideals that center on love and oneness. We are all in this together!

Both my shows will be dedicated to the horrific tragedy in Texas. I will ask everybody to pause for a minute quietly before I start playing.

Be safe out there everybody and maybe I will see you at one of my shows.

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