New Song ‘In the Ground’ Performed at Home Range Winery June 3rd

What beautiful place Home Range Winery is. And I was so surprised to see a wonderful stage! Susan and Peter are showing what a labor of love is all about. Thank You Home Range Winery!
Here is a Brand NEW Song – which will be a centerpiece of sorts for my next studio album. I’m going deep on this one – into the recesses of my mind -where quantum particles dance and love is breaking the speed of light in 3/4 time. The idea for this album I am working on came to me will sleeping in a fever sweat from my second round of covid. I kept waking up with song title ideas and this is one of the titles that gave birth to this song.
Hope you like this performance – my sister Ornella was kind enough to hold her phone still for minutes/hours on end for what prove to be a nice capture of a bunch of songs. *Video resolution isn’t the best – but you can’t have everything.
In the Ground
How did the ground get so -uneven?
Each cement slab lifted from its roots
Maybe water and ice?
No… something digital had happened
Low level currents from the stars
It’s in the ground – crumbs of earth the worms are feeding
It’s in the ground – that bright yellow spaceship nowhere to be found
Breaking the speed of light – blue glow eyeliner
You shimmer so seductively so divine
A first lovers dance – kiss my lips like forbidden poison
A singular waltz in 3/4 time
Now it’s in the ground -her flower dress that smile that saved me
It’s in the ground – the quantum seeds surrounded in darkness now
Bridge: If I take the medicine -will my fever break?
It’s at the very essence of the rules me make
I remember my mamma – singing me to sleep
I remember my father – was it more than a dream?
Don’t take a day for granted – make sure to wash it clean
Before it’s buried – LOVE REIGNS SUPREME
Now it’s in the ground – all my love the one’s who saved me
In the ground – the bright yellow soldiers – that bright yellow spaceship
In the ground – just when you feel it – is right when you lose it
In the ground – let me hold you – Let me hold you
In the ground – the conversation isn’t over

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