I’m getting old – scratch that… I’m old. I’m not old in the sense of feeling washed up – I actually in many ways feel like I’m at my best – striking a balance between maturity/experience and playfulness -as with each passing year – the value of moments become more weighted. My gut told me […]

I wrote this song: ’70 Chevrolet’ in tribute to my Dad. The song uses my Dad’s 70 Chevrolet as the vehicle (pun intended) to navigate through the song. It’s a bit of a subconscious stream as I still to this day have dreams about that car. Anyways – this is a Live version from my […]

As you can imagine or not imagine – songwriters tend to have lots of unfinished songs – bits and pieces of melody ideas – sound bites – a lyrical phrase… With Mother’s Day this Sunday – and a little over a year since my mom’s passing – I thought it might be both therapeutic and […]

I’m not very religious. I don’t advertise it because it isn’t something that really needs to be advertised – (whether you are a believer in a personal entity or not). My mom was very religious – and one of the most amazing people I will ever know. In some sense, I believe that atheism, religion, […]