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Diverse and engaging – incorporating elements of Folk, Country, Blues, R&B, and Jazz with traditional American overtones.

Maurizio Russomanno (born on July 5th, 1969) is an American Singer-songwriter, known for his curious lyrics, warm singing style, and expressive guitar playing.

A Troy, New York native, Maurizio grew up in a traditional Italian family from Southern Italy, where music played a central role in daily life.

His mother Franceschina would often say that singing is like praying twice.

The tragic loss of his sister Grace who was 25 and serving in the Peace Corps in Africa when he was 8, and the passing of his father a few years later, shaped his outlook and his plans in significant ways. It highlighted the precious nature of family and he’s honored that by staying close to home.

In college he began playing local clubs, festivals, and cafes, developing a diverse and engaging style of music. For almost three decades Maurizio tirelessly continued to refine his craft until 2012 when he teamed up with producer James Gascoyne to begin recording his studio album debut “Before the Crowd.” The album was released on September 26th, 2015 at The Hangar in Troy, New York and can be purchased both as a  physical copy and high quality digital download directly from Maurizio’s website at https://mauriziorussomanno.com

Maurizio is currently working on an ambitious project, in an effort to record/catalog approximately 100 of his songs. The songs will be released in groups of about 7 to 12 and recorded live at his home studio. The goal is to capture the essence/live energy of the performance –while also taking advantage of some studio comforts.

Review from Joel Patterson of Mountaintop Studios

August 2015

Maurizio has two different faces he shows to the world. Up close and personal, he’s soft-spoken, genuine and kind hearted. But get him on a stage, and his inner madman comes out. He is driven, forceful, and determined to leave nothing on the table. There’s something of the shaman (the crazy-dancing-around-the-fire guy of ancient lore) in his act. It’s almost as if the music is steering the wheel and Maurizio has his foot on the pedal trying to find that perfect balance between inspired abandon and thoughtful precision. His set lists are comprised of well-placed originals that range from break neck speed to slower beautiful expositions, while mixing in wonderfully re-imagined cover tunes. He plays the kind of percussive, plunging guitar rhythms that in their sparseness and simplicity create a musical world. It’s hypnotizing and irresistible. There’s as much energy and drama to the silences as to the notes blasting away. I highly recommend going to see this man perform.

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