I’m not very religious. I don’t advertise it because it isn’t something that really needs to be advertised – (whether you are a believer in a personal entity or not). My mom was very religious – and one of the most amazing people I will ever know. In some sense, I believe that atheism, religion, […]

As I’ve been rehearsing some new songs and thinking about what I would like to play at my gigs this Memorial Weekend – what came to mind in response to the commercials/media-buzz with HAPPY Memorial Day – and grilling and partying… is the question: isn’t this supposed to be a solemn weekend of remembrance? I’m […]

The strange/interesting thing about being human is that you can experience/feel different emotions at the same time. My mom passed away in early March… the official time of death was around 3 AM on a Monday – March 7th. She was my world – my everything that was warm – right and loving in the […]