New Year – Staying Positive

Into the third week of 2024 and hoping it’s something more. Don’t we all hope for that? Progress – growth – love – family – friends – lovers… what’s the alternative? and with that -we should surely be thankful for having what we have – even in seemingly dark times… food – a roof –  a friend to talk to. Life is funny isn’t it? We want more – and it’s only natural – but yet if we don’t seem to be moving the needle then we should also try and find the positive in where we are at… AND this is what I’m trying to do.

Last year – I was a bit jaded/frustrated with the lack of accountability/professionalism I was experiencing in my music work and it was effecting my general disposition… things can be contagious both good and bad. So I’m trying to get above it. When negative things arise try to work with that situation and make it a winning hand. I have an album coming out this year ‘Premonitions’ for which I will be launching a Kickstarter campaign in the coming weeks. Hoping it’s successful and I can keep doing what I do in addition to finding new avenues which are a nice compliment for my writing/playing/singing -such as workshops – sync-licensing (basically writing soundtracks for commercials/movies etc.).

These first two weeks of 2024 have been solid while also making some observations about areas I could possibly improve on. —Since I wrote this yesterday… it appears things are sliding in a not so positive direction. I was going to scratch the first sentence of this paragraph- but as I wrote in the previous paragraphs – I’m staying positive. Today was both a sad day burying a close friend of my family – but also a cancellation on a show I was depending on… in addition to car trouble. I guess as bad as something can turn in a day maybe it turns positive the next day or soon thereafter? I have lots of mounting costs this month in addition to my guitar needing repair. Maybe we get all this stuff out of the way – clear a path for this spring-summer.

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