Going Back but the Same Old Story

I’m getting old – scratch that… I’m old. I’m not old in the sense of feeling washed up – I actually in many ways feel like I’m at my best – striking a balance between maturity/experience and playfulness -as with each passing year – the value of moments become more weighted.

My gut told me to post this video of a song that I wrote – what seems like another lifetime ago. This song started with the guitar part/melody and the words came after. I remember starting work in earnest on this – upon arriving home with my mom after an Easter Sunday gathering. The room I wrote this in is the very room I’m typing this post. Go figure 🙂

I’m still searching for the one… but maybe the one is an ideal – something I know deep down doesn’t exist – but drives me forward. Maybe life is all about pushing forward for something beyond us – this perfect moment – perfect relationship – perfect song… and that’s the dance – nothing more nothing less.

Here are links to download a free version of this live performance and also a studio version from my studio album ‘Before the Crowd’

Live Version Download: https://mauriziorussomanno.com/product/thought-you-were-the-one-2/

Studio Version Download: https://mauriziorussomanno.com/product/thought-you-were-the-one/

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