Getting Ready to Begin ‘Premonitions’ (Album Kickstarter Campaign)

I’m excited – nervous – curious for the start of my Kickstarter album fundraising campaign in the coming days. I feel something special on this project  – a closeness to a road that seems to be merging relationships into a unified whole – collaborations with friends/musicians – love -and fate all acting in harmony. It feels right.

This album is going to be made with a ‘let the road guide me’ approach. I’m going to try and simply be open – and not force the direction of the songs. My goal is to involve as many friends/musicians as I can, to make a living, breathing community effort.

Here’s some backstory on the inspiration for this album: “Premonitions’

Sometimes, you just have a feeling – instincts kick in, but you ignore it. Helping my sister Rose and brother in-law Al care for our mom for about 15 years was emotionally tough. You’re not operating at maximum capacity when stress and preoccupation take their toll.

In November 2021, still in the pandemic zone, I had a head-on crash with my car. A week or so later, I came down with Covid for the second time. Familiar fever and a growing feeling of something coming to an end haunted me. Titles and lyric ideas started flooding my mind, awakening me in a sweat to jot them down in my cell phone notes. My subconscious was alerting me to what was coming.

My mom passed away in March 2022, and I was left grieving. Music became my coping mechanism, along with an unexpected refuge in quantum physics. I couldn’t even look at my guitar without being reminded of my mom. Seeking a healthy distraction, I turned to science and found solace in its mysteries.

It was my mom who taught me more than I helped her, even in her compromised state. Despite her stroke leaving her paralyzed and speechless, she could still sing. Sitting with her, playing guitar, and singing old folk songs became our ritual, filling each evening with love and value. Through this, I developed my sound, singing, and guitar style, finding joy in the moment.

Life has critical moments where everything collides, offering opportunities for growth. The songs on this album reflect my journey, from childhood memories with my mom to present moments of shared music. Relationships, rigidity, seeking perfection, guilt, and the mysteries of the quantum realm are explored. We dance with the unknown, clinging to the possibility that death isn’t the end. This album is my dance, my attempt at something special.

Here is a demo of ‘In the Ground’ which will be the opening track for the album. I had the pleasure and honor of recording this with my friend Mike Gowans.

If you would like to be notified when the campaign goes Live – free free to follow this link:


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