Only a Few Weeks Remain to Reach Our Goal (New album: ‘Premonitions’)

Only a few weeks remain to reach our goal of $10,000 for the production of my forthcoming album ‘Premonitions’  

What it all boils down to is love. What I do as an artist is driven by love – this album is inspired by the love for my late mom who passed away two years ago. As an artist I try to go to the hard places and bring something back of worth to the community.

I helped care for my mom from my late 30s until she passed almost two years ago. She was my world. I never married or had kids; she was my connection to that special figurative and/or literal place we call home. Now I look ahead, as if suddenly I’m 54 years old. It feels like I’ve jumped from 37 to 54 in a blink of an eye. I’m sure there are many people who can relate to this experience. This collection of songs under the title ‘Premonitions’ came to me while experiencing a COVID fever in November 2021. These feelings, ideas, lyrics/song titles that were arising from my fever were unknowingly a foreshadowing of what was shortly to come. The passing of my mother, Franceschina, in March 2022, which inspired these songs that take stock of my life: childhood dreams, love, anger, frustration, lust, family—all of my memories sifted through and brought into song. It’s common when we face traumatic life events to experience a death to one’s self—taking stock before moving on. What’s interesting is that these feelings were coming to me prior to my mom’s death—a premonition of sorts. Clairvoyance is something that seems to run in our family—a sensitivity to energy around us and things to come.

The songs on this album have a chronology to them, beginning with the opening track ‘In the Ground’, which is the end of the story, and then working from that beginning point, song by song, bringing more clarity and understanding to the first track by the end of the album. In true ‘Maurizio’ fashion, the album carries a well-balanced tone of seriousness/introspection and humor/whimsy, walking the tight rope between over-self-importance and levity. Below is a live version of ‘In the Ground’ recorded with my friend Mike Gowans this past March of 2023. I really like what Mike adds to it and hope the album version measures up. This demo version continues to receive air-play on WEXT 97.7 and 106.1 FM (a WMHT affiliate). Watch the video below, of us performing ‘In the Ground’ and if you really like it – here is a link for a free download. Download In the Ground

Please, anything you can do to support this project will help me produce a wonderful album. A testament to the power of community. I thank you in advance just for reading this far 🙂

Click the ‘Premonitions’ link below to access my Kickstarter campaign  -where you can learn more – watch the promotional video back-story: ‘Premonitions’       Thanks again!


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