2023 Is just around the corner…

2023 is just around the corner…

It seems that time speeds up during Holiday Seasons and from the start of Thanksgiving – off we go into the ether of wonder – memories – shopping – emotions of all kinds.
Clean slate? New Year – new person? Nothing wrong with trying – as humans we like to be occupied with something or another -why not try and change for the better? Or maybe we realize we are fine just the way we are. For me it’s a balance of fooling myself that I will have it all under control this time with a touch of self acceptance for when I mess up. Not a bad plan right? But hey we all know life is messy -no matter how we try to clean it up. But I will keep spinning my wheels and dreaming of that ideal – just out ahead.

Last week – December 17th – I performed one of my original songs ‘December’ at The Galley Bar and Grill in Ballston Spa New York (Saratoga County). It’s a song that spells the passing of time – dreams gone by – and acceptance. I wrote this song about 10 years ago and it seems to not have overstayed its welcome yet. Below is last weeks performance – hope you enjoy.

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