The Ghost in the Room

I’m not very religious. I don’t advertise it because it isn’t something that really needs to be advertised – (whether you are a believer in a personal entity or not). My mom was very religious – and one of the most amazing people I will ever know. In some sense, I believe that atheism, religion, agnosticism etc. are pretty much the same thing to the human brain. Whatever you believe that gets you through the day is a win. In the end -isn’t all of our reality an illusion? – at the very most, a partial aspect of our reality – filtered by our limited senses. But hey… our senses – love – anger – empathy – lust – even hate they get us through.

I’m one of those people that likes to get to the root of things – peeling away – layer after layer only to find there is another layer to peel away. As many religions would say ‘it’s a grand mystery…” and some blind faith is required to get through. But what is that faith exactly? Is it in believing in a personal god – nothing at all – something in-between – spirituality? I have a feeling the human brain sees these things as pretty much the same. All of this life is as real as the illusion that it is. The game is to keep trying to figure it out – stop and enjoy the wonder/beauty of it all – cry when loss is unbearable – laugh when you have to laugh and sing when it’s time to sing. These two paragraphs can be boiled down to – “JUST KEEP MOVING” If you keep moving – you’re in the game and if you’re in the game – mother nature will run its course.

I’ll be performing at a handful of venues/bars/restaurant’s this month of December and my memories take me back to my mom – dad – family – Christmas eve waiting for Santa as a child. The traditional Italian Christmas eve dinner with all the relatives around the cramped dinning room table. Man these were times of glory at least from a young boy’s perspective – but hey my mom was around my age at that time and I’m sure her perspective was a bit different – especially having lost both her parents – her husband (my father) and her daughter Grace (my sister) at the age of 25. But you keep moving… right? My mom was strong but also understood that living is about living because you have no choice – and why not make the best of it and find the joy when you can? She was very religious and me not so much -but we both surely had a similar outlook on life. I’ll be playing my usual songs this month but also some Christmas songs to shake up those old memories and sprinkle some positive vibes. I have fond memories of singing Christmas songs with my mom. Maybe I’ll sing them to her with the audience as the ghost in the room.

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