Finding the Right Road (Live Performance at Norte Azul Cantina)

Man, I really love writing – playing – singing and just being creative. It’s an outlet/release for all those things stored in my subconscious – my curiosities – desires – love – it’s a way to let it all spill out and in that moment there is a realness to things- a contentment. It’s also a connection with the audience -sharing common themes we all wrestle with and have a difficult time putting into words/expressing.  It’s also just a lot of fun – being playful and distracting one’s mind from the things we can’t change.

I’ve been as of present trying to find venues that are a more suitable match for what I do. Although I have quite a large and varied catalog of cover songs – I’m a singer songwriter first and foremost.  I have more to offer than just interpretation’s of other artists songs. I have been fortunate to always receive positive feedback when I mix my originals into the set list at my bar/restaurant gigs – but ultimately it feels as if the owners of most of these establishments aren’t completely happy with it. So my goal is to try and find venues/bars/restaurants that lean more towards original music. Ultimately – I would like to have the majority of my gigs to take place in music theatres – songwriter venues such as Caffe Lena – Club Passim…

Anyways – this past Sunday, I played at a venue in Stephentown New York – Norte Azul Cantina. Beautiful place! It’s always a good sign when the establishment builds a nice stage for the artists. My friends Kim and Mike McMann were kind enough to invite me to crash Mike and Sten’s (excellent acoustic guitar and mandolin duo)  gig and play a few during their break so I could informally audition for the owner who was sitting in the audience.

Anyways – here is the video footage of my performance. I’m usually a bit more talkative energetic in between songs – but hey – some days we just feel the way we feel 🙂 Hope you enjoy listening and that I pass your audition 😉

Set List: 1. If I Could Get Free 0:23 | 2. Give Me a Slice of That Pie Mamma 4:23 | 3. Digging a Hole 7:45 | 4. Danny the Mechanic 13:04

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