Raising Funds for Senior Home Entertainment

I performed at a local senior home last month and it was such a wonderful experience. Sadly, the home does not have enough of a budget to make this a more consistent viable event for me. I of course would have no problem performing for free from time to time but would like to provide the seniors with something more consistent that they can look forward to. I’ve seen the healing power of music firsthand with my late mom. I really would like to make this work and as you will see I am not raising very much money here. Just enough to cover my time – wear and tear on equipment etc. The senior home is paying me something too – it’s just not enough to make things feasible. I need to raise $100 but if we can raise more – I will apply it towards the second show.

Thank you for considering this – means a lot! 🙂 *Hope you all have a safe and memorable Independence weekend.

Picture of my late mom Francesca a few years ago doing one of the things she loved.

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