‘Into The Mystic’ at The Home Range Winery

Life is good and sometimes tragic… within that balance is everything in-between. I lost my mom in March. She was all the color in my life – all the warmth that everything will be alright – I was eternally young in her eyes – fresh – new – eager – joyful.

These things pass -we all get old – we all slow down -if we are fortunate we get wiser…and make up the difference for what we lose. Man I loved singing – playing with/for my mom. I will never see that look of pride when I sang to her – again. But we have to move on -all of us -nobody exempt. Life makes these rules and it’s inevitable loss that gives value to everything. If we lived forever life would be meaningless.

At a recent gig (September 4th) – I was thinking of my friend Josh Bloomfield. He wasn’t what you would call a super close friend – but he most definitely had a place in my heart. We both shared the bond of being local musicians. Josh was a talented drummer and could sing with soul. When I think of Josh – more times than none I think of him behind his drums singing Into The Mystic. He would sing it with such joy enthusiasm love passion. So before heading to my gig- I decided to wear a t-shirt that was made in honor of Josh’s fight against cancer -which had ‘Jam for Josh’ printed on it.

When I decided to play Into The Mystic at Home Range Winery – Josh came to mind and I sang it with him in my thoughts. It came out real nice – not as nice as Josh could sing it -but we have to keep moving – we have to keep singing -with what remains. My mom is gone – my world is gone too… and maybe I’ll never get back the full joy/wholeness I had when she was alive – but even a few rays of light can serve us well.

Hope you enjoy this little ray of light.

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