It’s Beautiful (*New Song)

As you can imagine or not imagine – songwriters tend to have lots of unfinished songs – bits and pieces of melody ideas – sound bites – a lyrical phrase… With Mother’s Day this Sunday – and a little over a year since my mom’s passing – I thought it might be both therapeutic and also a way to gain some more fans by finishing up a song I’ve been working on for a few years.

It’s a tribute to my mom’s wild beautiful ways. And what I mean by wild, is her sense of wonder when it came to nature – being outside connected among the animals – flowers – trees – all of it a symphonic mystery to her soul. My mom wasn’t afraid to get her hands dirty – nothing tentative about her getting something done and I’d like to think I have some of that in me. She could get more accomplished with a sickle and a shovel than a Lawn Mower/Weedwhacker any day. She wasn’t concerned about being out on some scene – finding a mate – material things… she lived a simple Franciscan lifestyle – which was full to the brim with the great food that she grew – great stories that she would read and tell – family that she provided and received love from – singing along to her opera CDs while cooking -working on her masterpiece needlework and simply living a balanced life. Just something about her that glowed/resonated. Some people just have that vibrancy – that gift of life coursing through them. It’s been over a year since she has passed – I still feel her presence – in my hands – in my voice – in my dreams in the beauty of spring and deep summer.

It’s beautiful -isn’t it?

Hope you enjoy this song/video collage. The message is universal for all the goodness Mother’s bring to the world. You can CLICK HERE for a free audio download of this song.

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